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The Project 'SUBZERO' is an Installation made out of Water, the most transitory material of nature: water in its solid aggregates state. The Installation shall be realized inside a cooled-down environment, either in a built 'Cool-Room' made out of isolating Material. As time is proportional to matters decay, this monumental Installation shall clearly reflect on and respond through it's essence to the concept of temporality and duration while also occupying the architectural space of in a significant way. With this Installation I want to create a uncommon exhibitit Situation with a strong sensory and surreal focus. The Installation will be built out of Snow inside a big Pool. It will be built in a race against time to it's one moment of perfection, before the natural decay (through the surrounding temperature) takes its run and turns it into to the state of Water. The melted down Installation will collect as a Pool filled with Water. Through it's ephemerality it should not only act as a symbol for an endangered material in nature but also creating sensibility of human behavior in the world, creating awareness for the extravagance and wastefulness of our behaviour. The scaling of the great madness in 'small' scale into a understandable size amplifies the importance of balance. The design of the Installation is attributed to the distinct principle of concrete art and geometry and play with statics, size and center of gravity. The art of the sculpture lies in the geometric and graphical creation of order that creates form, surface and volume. It is a balancing act of the structure, which can only exist when its fragile material is in entire equilibrium.
Installation’s instant moment of perfection
Installation’s melt down - temporality and unpredictable duration
Installation’s water pool after meld down